Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I tried to Simpsonize myself at www.simpsonizeme.com and this is what came out.

Not really close.

Granted, I had to supply the only picture of my face in close-up that I had, and it's one of me screaming into a microphone. So your mileage may vary.


I'm playing three gigs in the next two weeks:

Two Burlesque gigs (these are fun): Cabaret Boheme at Hotel Congress in Tucson, this Saturday, and Romantasy Cabaret again next Saturday, the 25th. But before that, on the 24th, I'll be at Mama Java's, 36th Street and Indian School.

Please come see me!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We've just returned from a week in Toronto. Boy was it hot. Boy was it humid. Boy, did that kill any ambition to do anything outside.

Jan went to a Harry Potter convention (it was her birthday present), so Adam and Brendan and I basically found other things to do.

Day one, the whole family went to downtown Toronto, where we walked along Lake Erie (I think) in the sauna-like heat. Probably not a good idea. Highlight of the day: touring the Toronto Music Garden, which was actually designed to depict a Bach piece for unaccompanied cello. There was no music that day; just unaccompanied heat and humidity.

We may have been on the 6 o'clock news that day as we were stopped by a camera crew who asked where we were from and if we were surprised at how HOT it was in Toronto. We would have seen it but we got caught in a traffic jam on the main freeway leading back to the hotel, so we missed ourselves by half an hour.

(Actually, Day one was the day and a half we flew into Buffalo via Atlanta, rented a car, ate ORIGINAL Buffalo Wings at the Anchor Bar {NO SHIT -- the BEST wings and pizza we've ever had}, stopped at Niagara Falls (with the camera still in the luggage), got lost trying to find Canada, the biggest country attached to the north end of New York, and finally getting to the hotel and crapping out.)

Day two, we went downtown and stopped at this:

This is the largest sign in the world.

Ed Mirvish was a self-made entrepreneur ex-pat from Virginia. He was the unofficial "mayor" of Toronto, having built up a major financial empire that started with this silly, three-story discount store. He was renowned for pretty much inventing Toronto's theatre district, and even paid to have the Old Vic in London restored. He died in his nineties about a month ago.

He was a good guy.

What does Honest Ed's look like inside? Glad you asked...

Imagine three floors of this.

It's a real hoot!

And just in case you wonder what time it is...

Ed's has this huge clock in the stairwell, left over from a production of "Into the Woods."

There are other things to see in Toronto of course, like the CN tower:


The food in Toronto is good, too. Pretty much everywhere.


756 or 756*?

I'm not sure which side I'm on with Barry Bonds. MLB did NOTHING to stop steroid use for years; they welcomed the juiced home run race between McGuire and Sosa ten years ago and said NOTHING for years.
Bonds is still one of the greatest ballplayers ever, even if you cut out the years and homers when he was supposedly on 'roids. And he probably was.



After a YEAR of complaining, Emusic.com finally added my second album for download. Download away, America!


I got in my car last night after work and for some reason I can not determine, it smelled like someone has just eaten a hot, toasty cinnamon bun in my car. I have no idea how or why, but it made the trip home very enjoyable!


I'm glad to be home. How was your week?


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