Friday, January 25, 2008


I have to admit -- after watching this commercial, I definitely checked out the skin care products. And I don't even live in England.


The lady doing the talking is the actual president of the company.

Speaking from the point of view of a guy who's been in advertising his whole life, I think there's only one or two spots where English "smarminess" kinda gets in the way of the message. But it's unlikely you're ever gonna see a commercial like this again...


HEY GUITAR PLAYERS! Put this on your Netflix list: Lightnin' Hopkins: Rare Performances 1960-1979.
My GOD, this guy could play. I knew that, but sorta forgot. This collection culminates with two sets from the 1970s, one from a Houston Public TV show and the other from Austin City Limits. Yikes! Good stuff. There's even a bonus section from an early 1960s broadcast, where Hopkins plays under the watchful eye of an EXTREMELY young Joan Baez.


My son Brendan got his driver's license. First try! Give him some ROOM, dammit!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Given the few ads for Democrats I've seen so far, I'd vote for Obama before Hillary Clinton.

Both ads actually SAY something, but Clinton sounds like she's bored, tired and reading from a script. She needs to re-do her voice-overs.

John Edwards is quickly becoming the Zeppo of the Democrats. I think he's bucking for VP.

They need to stop having debates until AFTER the conventions.


Super Bowl weekend is also the FBR Open weekend; I will not be leaving the Phoenix City Limits on the first weekend of February.


I caught a piece of the Barrett-Jackson auction last Saturday; somebody bought the MONKEEMOBILE! 250 grand...


A guy I worked with went out to Barrett Jackson and told me I really should go next year. I said I don't care about cars, but apparently there are lots of other things on display and up for sale at prices no sane person would even consider paying. Everything from Presidential memorabilia (down, self) to rock and roll memorabilia (sit, boy, sit!) to just oddball stuff.
So if I don't forget what he said, maybe we'll go out there next year and look around...


Just signed up to play an event called the "Valentines Day Massacree..." more info as I get it.


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Not JON Stewart -- JOHN Stewart.Kingston Trio, big hit songwriter. THAT John Stewart.

The guy could write your ass off.

"Daydream Believer?" His.

"July You're a Woman?" His.

And those aren't even among his better songs.

If you can find it, dig up a copy of his 1974 album "The Phoenix Concerts." it was recorded at the Celebrity Theatre over two or three nights and it pretty much told me more about how to hold an audience than anything I've ever heard since.


Just played at the Encanto Park songwriter's gathering for the LAST time because Phoenix is too frickin' cheap to keep it going every January. At least it was a nice day!


Just in case there's anyone who cares, my song "I Saw Your Daughter In A Porno" is DEFINITELY going on the next CD. It's about the only song I get requests for anymore, you perverts. (Well, that and "I've Seen All My Best Friends Naked"...what IS it with you people?)


Most interesting songwriter I saw today at the park was a 14-year-old girl named Daisy Mallory. She's REALLY good, and will only get better with age. Channel 3 is doing a report on her on Monday night at 8. Check it out.


The Violet Wing show was a lot of fun! Biggest thrill for me was playing a couple of tunes with my sister-in-law, Lisa Kool. It was a groovy 60s flashback, maaaaaaan....


Monday, January 07, 2008


Sorry it took so long to blog but let's face it: sometimes you just get busy.

December had a lot going on:

First, we all found out that the city of Phoenix was ceasing funding for all music-related events, effective Jan. 1. So no more Wednesday night open stage and performances at Encanto Park. No more January songwriters Gathering. And worst of all, no more Phoenix Folk Festival in March!

Within days, thanks to the vehement protests of several people, an agreement was reached to keep the Wednesday night open stage going. There will also be one more songwriter's gathering on January 19. But the Folk Festival is FUBAR.



I played two gigs the last two Saturdays in a row:

First, I helped close the Paper Heart on 12/29. I will miss this place. Thank you Scott Sanders!


Last Saturday I played a gig at the Music Corner.

THIS Saturday, I'm playing at the Mesa Women's Center, opening a groovy night of 60s-ness for the Violet Wing! Come out!


Whoever said "Candidates with no chance of winning are the only ones who are not afraid to speak their minds" sure was right.


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