Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Actually, there's not much time. But I have some. So here's what's up lately:

I'm a busy boy this weekend:

Friday: Alwun House Erotic Music and Poetry Festivus. 8 p.m. Fun. Show up. 12th Street and Roosevelt.

Saturday: Fiddler's Dream, 17th St. and Glendale. Also fun. Show up. 8 p.m. (I'm on first this time.)

Sunday: Rehearsal for 2/27. What's 2/27? Romantasy Cabaret, of course! Our first show of the new Season! New acts! New comedy! New nearly naked women! www.brownpapertickets.com!

Attended the Alwun House's Exotic Art Show opening last Friday. We always show up about an hour before the doors open, which was a good idea because the place was PACKED LIKE SARDINES. At least we got chairs.


My boys' band Thunder Stump is being flirted with by a local punk label. Go see them. Their next gig is March 13 at Donna Jean's Libations, 67th Avenue and Bell.

Our washing machine has bit the dust. The dusty dust. Dust diddy dust dust dust. Gotta buy a new one. Rats.

I promise not to be so late to post here again. Facebook can't have ALL my pointless comments.


Damn I was going to buy a new Hummer in late 2012 and drive around the country for a vacation, Now I am going to have to shave my head and join the Hari.s, Muslims, Jews, Jehovah s, Mormons, Christians, and a few other wing nut groups just to cover all my bases.
]harmonic convergence and 2012
[/url] - some truth about 2012
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