Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yes, I’m back with another blog entry. I really do want to start writing a alot again.

Apparently, about a month ago, a bunch of people who still write regularly in their blogs got on a Census thing; that is, sum up your life for every 10 years from birth. I’m 53, so this one’s a little off, but let’s see what I remember.

1957. Born 11/2 in Gary Indiana. Don't remember much, but I can tell you Wichita, Kansas was having some good rockin’ that night.

1967: Fourth Grade at St. Zachary’s School in Des Plaines, Illinois. My teacher’s name was something like Mrs. Gianowsky, pronounced Geh-NUS-kee. We lived in Mount Prospect, five miles from O’Hare. Planes flew about 700 feet over our house every 45 seconds. By now, we’d lived here almost 3 years and we were used to it. After a while you didn’t even hear them anymore.

1977: In my sophomore year at NAU. I have a Hopi roommate named Brad who’s majoring in cars. He’s married and goes home every weekend. However, this does not improve my chances of getting laid, since I’m pretty shy and don’t hold my beer very well. In about a month I get the opportunity to interview and take pictures of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I still have the pics and have, through Facebook and Yahoo and whatnot, sent many of them copies, which they love.

1987: Married for 6.5 years, with a 2.5-year-old son, Adam. I’m working at the Cowen Agency as a writer/producer. I love my job; I hate our clients. Playing music every Tuesday since ’82 with various friends.

1997: I have just finished cancer treatment; still seeing doctor occasionally for blood tests. I’m hosting open stage with Steve Bodinet at Fiddler’s Dream. The cancer, and my 20th high school reunion in ’86, gives me the impetus to write a song, Baby Boomer. I start thinking about recording.

2007: I have two CDs out. I’m working at a B2B agency that I really have no desire to stay at, but I’m not finding anything else. It’s beginning to show but the axe won’t fall for another year. It’s been a year since I last got played on the Dr. Demento Show.

Today: I’m not there anymore; I’m not in advertising anymore. Still trying to record CD number 3.

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