Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, as promised, I played the "Bare It All for Art" show at Soul Invictus on July 6. And I was buck naked. Below is the only picture I can show without doing some major editing (taken off the SI site).

That's obviously me with the hair.

The other naked people are harder to see in this shot because they're mostly covered in paint!

However, you can see LOTS more by looking at the slide show at the Soul Invictus website here:


Now -- BEFORE YOU GO THERE -- I'm warning you. There's a picture of me there where it's quite obvious that I'm naked.
If that's going to bother you, don't say I didn't warn you.


Then, on Sunday, July 8 I helped Nancy Freeman celebrate the release of her new album Stardust County, which is a truly amazing thing. Very good. You should buy one. Get info by writing telegraph@stardustcounty.com


AND THEN, this past Monday I played what can be the most potentially dangerous kind of gig possible: I PLAYED FOR OLD PEOPLE. At the Peoria City Library Auditorium.

I never know what to expect when I go out there. This time, I got people who wanted to laugh, and more important, people who wanted to buy my CD! Woohoo! Even my brother Pat showed up!


Next up...well, open stage at Trotta's in Cave Creek tomorrow night. Clothed.


Friday, July 06, 2007


Yes, folks, if you stop by Soul Invictus on Grand during First Friday this evening, I will be one of the naked performers Baring at all for Art!



Playing my tunes.


Further proof that I will literally do anything necessary to get the CDs out of my garage.


Speaking of CDs, Nancy Freeman is having a party to celebrate the release of her amazing "Stardust County" CD this Sunday at 1 at Fiddler's Dream, and I will be there both as a guest and the volunteer. Come on out and buy one of her CDs! Get 'em out of HER garage!


My wife's dance troupe sold out the Paper Heart last weekend with a neat thing called "Romantasy Cabaret." Apparently it was a hit because they're doing it again on July 28 and tickets are already about half-gone. Contact me if you want to buy tix.


I just found an internet radio station from Belgium and it's playing ska versions of "The Magnificent Seven" and "Bonanza."

Only in Europe...


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