Tuesday, September 25, 2007


An honest-to-God famous person that you've probably never heard of came to my gig at Fiddler's Dream the other night!

Nancy Freeman!

Well, okay, at least I know who Nancy Freeman is, and you should too by buying her new CD, "Stardust County," on which I play absolutely no musical instruments, so it sounds great!

But really, I had a famous person come to my gig -- or at least a semi-famous person.

He's Jerry Lawson, former lead singer of the Persuasions! The Persuasions were around for over 30 years and in all that time they never had a band. They were the foremost a capella group in the world. Jerry's now fronting another a capella group, called Talk of the Town, and you should definitely go find and buy THAT CD, too!

I'd met his wife, Julie, about a year and a half ago and she had been trying ever since to get our calendars to sync so Jerry could come see my show.

He's a nice guy. Had a few Zappa stories for me, since they toured with Frank in the early 70s and Zappa signed the Persuasions to their first record contract.

I made him laugh.


Tonight I'm playing at an awards dinner for the Desert Rose chapter of the Romance Writers of America. This should be interesting. I got the gig almost a year ago when Jennifer Ashley, a fine, FINE writer of such type books, asked me if I'd be interested in performing there. But of course, I said! So tonight I will be entertaining! They're even PAYING me, AND feeding me! Am I lucky or what?


This Saturday is your LAST chance for the rest of the year to experience the foolishy, fleshy fun that is Romantasy Cabaret, a burlesque special put on by my wife's belly dance troupe in their alternate guise of Diabolique. I will be performing twice during the show. Special guest strippers include the amazing Myryka (I have yet to put a coherent sentence together when I am around this woman) and the ever-enticing Lolita Haze. And more! It's fun, it's funny, it's different! It's gonna sell out! So go to www.trashcityentertainment.com right now and reserve a ticket. (There will be a few available at the door, too.) It's at the Paper Heart, at Grand and Polk, at 8 p.m. How can you resist when one of the ladies in the troupe bills herself as Wilma Topkomov?


Now, if that's NOT your cup of tea, I'm going to tell you what the alternative is, and you REALLY SHOULD GO TO THIS if you're not in the mood for burlesque: For the fourth straight year, Tom Chapin is performing in the big building at Fiddler's Dream on Saturday night at 8 p.m. If I were not already booked, I would be there to see it. I've missed all but his first-time performance at Fidd's, due to being a giggy guy myself, but I can tell you that you will have a FINE time with Mr. Chapin. You grew up watching "Make a Wish" with him (three years ago, we actually got him to sing the song!), you probably missed his solo albums in the 70s, but you probably bought his kids' CDs for your kids in the ensuing years. He also throws in a song or two from his late brother, Harry. This is not a kids show, per se, although your kids can certainly come. They'll be thoroughly entertained, for sure. (He's also doing an all-kid show at the Scottsdale Center of the Arts earlier in the day.) Check out the particulars at www.fiddlersdream.org.


Speaking of Fiddler's Dream, apparently there are still people who don't know this, so spread the word; I am NO LONGER on the board at Fiddler's Dream. I have not been on the board since April. I am not responsible for the remodeling going on. I have no idea when it will be done, or what it will look like.

In addition, I am no longer hosting the Thursday night open stage at Fidd's. I haven't hosted it or attended it since April. My goal is to continue not hosting it for at least as long as I hosted it (nine years). I am still volunteering at least once a month on a Friday or Saturday. My next coffee-pouring gig there is Friday, Oct. 26.

To that end: I don't care how the open stage is run now. I don't care who runs it. I don't want to hear anybody, anymore, complain about how awful it is now. Nor do I want to hear anybody, anymore, tell me how much better it is now. All I want you, as musicians, to do is keep going there and keep making it the big moneymaker it was when I left.



Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yesterday, as you probably know, was national "Talk Like a Pirate Day." And I must admit, I did in fact bark out a few "Arrrrs" at work yesterday.

I actually need the practice, since I've been hired to play a party on Dec. 1 for a group of pirate re-enactment people called the Arizona Corsairs. I need to dress like a pirate and play pirate songs. They even gave me a CD and a book of songs they want me to learn.

Easy enough; most pirate songs are two or three chords and very repetitive.

Also very dirty. And gross.

My kinda stuff.


But anyway, yesterday being "Talk Like a Pirate Day," which, like Mothers Day and Father's Day, were simply thought up by somebody and it caught on big, got me to thinking.

We need MORE unofficial holidays like that.

Here are some suggestions. If you decide to spearhead any of these, I'll gladly help you spread the word:

French-Kiss a Stranger Day

Punch a Politician in the Face Day

Pierce the Webbing Between Your Thumb and Forefinger Day

Show People Your Uvula Day

Drive Like An Asshole Day (oh wait, that was apparently THIS MORNING)

Change Your Team Allegiance Day

National Bodypainting Day

Pee On Your Boss's Desk Day

Anchovy Pizza Day

Sing the Phone Book Day

"No Cell Phone Cameras!" Day


Played a nice gig last night at the Glendale Auditorium for a small group of people. Eddie Detroit and Malcolm Harris, easily two of my favorite performers, played too. Sold a couple CDs, so not a bad night at all!

Coming up: This Friday, I'm part of a comedy music showcase at the Paper Heart with Page the Village Idiot and others! $7 admission. And THEN, as if that weren't enough, I play at Fiddler's Dream on Saturday night with the Hurricajuns and Cameo Hill.

Come out! Come hear! Come see! Come tip! Especially tip!


Sunday, September 09, 2007


Live in Scottsdale, it's...


Jan and I met Mick Fleetwood yesterday! He's in town this weekend promoting his line of wines (he actually supervises their production, and doesn't just lease his name out) at local Costcos. I saw that he was going to be at one for four hours yesterday, so we headed over to catch him right at the start. As luck would have it we were first in line!

He couldn't sign autographs due to a sudden attack of tendonitis (not what you want when you're a drummer, fer sure) but he was nice enough to pose for five or six pix with us and talk with us a bit.

He's tall.


My kids went to Coppercon this weekend and we just sorta hung around the hotel. Everybody knows us so we didn't have any trouble going where we wanted to go without actually BUYING a membership. I picked up a booking for a private party Dec. 1 and sold over $100 in CDs! Not bad for just hanging out.


Note to Nancy F.: Everybody was asking if you were gonna show up, and they all wanted your CD. Hopefully Gary sold a bunch today.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I don't care if Fred Thompson used to be a senator or representative or whatever. Don't vote for him. No more actors.

That's about as politlcal as I get. Thank you.




I finally timed a cold correctly. I'm in the middle of a two-week lull between gigs and then I have like seven over a 10-day period. So the cold will be gone. I've been selling enough CDs lately that I was actually able to throw an empty box away recently!


Still waiting to hear about...um...I forget. Oh yeah: Still waiting to hear about the schedule for the Prescott Folk Festival! You'll know when I know!


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