Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Well, it's been a few days since I posted and I thought I would drop a note on, just 'cause it's not like anybody's LOOKING at this yet, or are you?

I am trying to record my second album but a severe lack of time and money is putting the cramps on this -- especially time. Thing is, the guy I'm recording with has his studio in Fountain Hills--about 25 miles from where I live, and I can only afford to spend about two hours there when I do get there. I'm looking at April 10 as the next time I'll actually have time to be out there. We'll see.

Here's the list of songs that I'm planning to have on the next CD, and a preliminary order (subject to change):

1. Catch Phrases
2. Sun City Sinners
3. Clerical Error
4. Folkin' Up Your Saturday Night
5. That Fiddle and Banjo Crap
6. My F-Hole
7. Good Enough for Guys
8. The Girl Who Shares Your Name
9. Everybody Wanna (Sound Like Nirvana)
10. Christmas In Arizona

The last song is by a guy I know named Bill Blankenship, who used to live here but doesn't anymore. He entrusted me to perform this song because "Texas," where he moved to, doesn't scan.

If this album sounds as good as I hope it will, it's gonna be kind of jarring. It has a very "folk/country/bluegrass" feel to it except for the fact that one song is very grunge and one song is very rockabilly. The grunge song, "Nirvana," will be the hardest to do. We're saving that for last.

There is also the possibility that I will put the song "Valentine's Day" on it. This is a song that I don't do all that often, but it's the first song I ever wrote that caused some disinterested person to look up from his spinach and pine nut salad in a restaurant where I was playing once, and say, "That's a pretty good song."

You don't forget things like that!


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I heard a joke the other day:

What do you get if you eat a prune pizza?


Heh, heh, heh....

More musings from the folk festival last Saturday:

Right after my set, the next guy to play was a fella named Travis Edmondson. Recovering from a stroke and consigned to a wheelchair, the guy could still sing. His songs were great, and as I found out from his banter, he is the ONLY person ever to perform a song during a congressional session for both houses of Congress.

Anyway, he told my friend Larry Hill that he really liked my stuff and if any of you reading this know Travis, please convey my thanks and I liked his stuff, too!

I wish I knew how to change stuff on my website. I haven't updated my schedule in almost two years. (The good friend who designed it doesn't live here anymore.)

I think it would be fun to add a page to my site that consists simply of the names of everybody I've ever met who I can remember. Then, when they go egosurfing (admit it, YOU do it), they'll see their name and wonder what the page is about. Then they go there and it says "Hi! I knew you once! What's up!" I bet I'd find a lot of people that way...

Last Friday night, my wife's bellydance troupe, Unity in Motion danced at the closing of the annual Exotic/Erotic art show at Alwun House. Their bit was a perfect mix of sights, sounds and obligatory nudity. My wife didn't get naked (even though I offered to give her a nickel if she did), but one particular dancer in her troupe, who's been plastic-surgicised in the pectrals, did. I have to say without naming names that, having seen quite a few breast jobs in my life (I used to write ads for a plastic surgeon), I can see why this woman loves showing off what she paid for. They're beautiful.
They don't MOVE, but they are beautiful. Her surgeon should be proud.

There is a possibility that Unity In Motion will be performing with me at the Paper Heart Gallery on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. More on that when I have it down for sure.

Have a nice day!


Monday, March 22, 2004

Well, it turns out that I've already tried this blog thing on this server and totally forgot about it (see previous post--see? I was right!).

I played the 15th Annual Phoenix Folk Traditions Festival this past weekend in Encanto Park. I was there on Satur day and had a great time.

I played a show on the outdoor stage at 4:00 p.m., precisely the hottest moment of the day, and aside from forgetting to bring WATER, things went great.

Saw a fellow named Tom Whitlock perform; his lead guitarist was a guy na med Steve Devoss, who I've known literally since we were both in the eighth grade in Wisconsin. I am envious of his Taylor. To say nothing of his playing ability, which has always had me in awe, ever since we were kids. Some things, they say, never change.

Right after that set, I bumped into Christi Martin and Ao Oogh O'Tuama (I think that's how it's spelled), better known to the worl d at Four Shillings Short. They are an act that's pretty much constantly on tour, endlessly entertaining and if you EVER get the chance to see these people I think you would be an idiot to pass up that opportunity.

Anyway, after catching up, Ao Oogh told me that they were thinking about performing and possibly recording one of my songs, "I'm Posting the Ten Commandments." I gave him my blessing and so who knows? Someday I may be covered.

More later.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patty's day from somebody who's more than 3/4 Irish, but since paternal grandpappy was a Kraut, I have to keep pulling Irish names out of my family tree in some pointless attempt to prove that I have Irish roots.

Clunes, McGuans, Hanlans, O'Briens, we got 'em all. But I'm a Tuerff.

(Actually, it was "Tuerffs" but paternal grandpappy never spelled it that way, except on his Social Security card, which made it awful damn hard to do genealogy research for a while there. )

My name is Tom Tuerff and when I'm not writing advertising I'm playing music. Which is what I'm doing this weekend. I'll be at the Phoenix Folk Music Festival at Encanto Park on Saturday. I have a show on the outdoor stage at 4. p.m.

I'll write about it if I don't forget that I have this thing.

Bye for now.

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